Sunday, January 14, 2018

Final finishes of 2017

Well! This is a novel experience! Usually when I take photos with my tablet or phone I have great difficulty uploading them from google photos, but it seems Blogger has changed things since my last post.  So, here's the 2017 Christmas ornaments that I sent to a friend!

Tiny Modernist -Winter Cuties

I traced around the inside of the inner hoop on foam board, cut it out with a craft knife and then gently pushed foam board into the back for a neat finish.

If you haven't discovered Tiny Modernist yet, here's the etsy shop for some instant gratification

Tiny Modernist

I love to make a little Christmas mat each year to send.

The backing was just as interesting as the front!

I hope 2018 has gotten of to a great start for you.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

DMC Stitchable Mesh, Anyone?

Whilst wandering through the world of blogs, I came across, on an embroidery site, mesh from DMC that is stichable.  A quick check from Joanne at 123 revealed this -

From what I've read on a couple of embroidery blogs, the mesh retains hoop marks, so that would be an issue for cross-stitchers. But has any one used this mesh and found any other issues?

I am intrigued at its possibilities! Thoughts, please!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Taking a break from Linen and Threads Mystery SAL

I hadn't bought any cross stitch since I started working on the SAL, so it was time to rectify that!

I had a few designs on my wishlist that are quick stitches, compared to the SAL anyway.  One needs a quick stitch every now and then when working on a BAP, doesn't one?

Blackbird Designs- Liberty House
the fan that I am of Blackbird Designs made me buy it and it kinda looks like home

Lizzie Kate - Aging Artfully
well I am getting older...

And Lizzie Kate - Be Who You Are
because teens need a gentle reminder that its okay to be themselves

And it really is time to start thinking about this year's Christmas stitching...